August 09, 2009

Food & Places

I've been up and about to a few places the past 3 months...took some pictures, good & lousy. Well the good ones from Greg and lousy ones taken with my cheap cheap digicam. Hehe..

Ipoh, Perak~Tauge Ayam & Tau Fu Far~
We, the CMT Penang helped in organizing Campus Roadshow for SPM, STPM & Matriculation leavers. Basically to provide students the important informations about local unis, loans & scholarships, PCC & CSSes. This roadshow was held for northen diocesan level. And the venue for the roadshows were St.Annes BM & St. Michael Ipoh.

While in Ipoh, after the roadshow has wrapped up...we head up to the town area for the infamous Tauge ayam. There is this area in town where the end of every block has at least one tauge ayam shop set up.

Here is one shop lot with two shops side by side...talking about strong competition..

Here is another one across the road from the two shops above...I don't remember which of the two shops we entered. But here is the thing...perhaps it was the wrong time of the day that we came into that shop. The workers were busy, well thats expected for a shop that's famous for what they serve (they even have pictures of celebrity who visited their shop on the wall)...but what we did not expect was for the food to be bad. Well not all lah...the chicked taste good but not -wah-soooo-goood, but it did help us to get through the horrible barely cooked rice, it was actually crunchy i tell you..hehe :) the tauge was not bad either. I usually dont take 'bare' tauge cos of the strong tauge smell, but this tauge did not have that smell so it was in my edible range..haha.

The ayam & the tauge...and that was all the lauk...
After lunch, we head up for the tasty tau fu far/soya drink little shop in another corner not too far from the tauge ayam zone. I'm guessing this is another famous place in ipoh...cos people were lining up until out on the street...

Here's kathy asking me if I have small change...she turned right when I hit the shot button..behind her is the tau fu far shop.

New wing Gurney, Penang ~A&W~
Jalan-jalan in Gurney the next weekend after Ipoh Campus roadshow with Greg. To kill time, we went to A&W for tea...hahaha, yeah, root beer & fries for tea...

i-AVENUE BJ, Penang ~BRAVO italiana~
We wanted to treat ourselves to good food, after Googling for good food in Penang (yeah, we Google for good food in Penang...pathetic I know ;-p) we decided to go for some place very close and find a place that we never been before.
We drove to i-AVENUE near BJ, saw an Italian restaurant, "eh, why we never see this before ah?", and then walked in. MISTAKE.
Atmosphere was nice, price reasonable, not crowded (it was on a weekday, or probably the bad food put customers off), but the food was horrible...Greg and I were literally making faces while chewing, except when we pose for pictures lah...hehe (^.^)

I couldn't remember what we ordered, but here is how the food looked like. Look nice right? But too bad the taste was not.
The menu, I think Greg and I ordered Lamb Rockefella & Lamb shank...
I guess in the end the reasonable price we paid was not worth it? haizz~~~

June 17, 2009

Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?....What do we want to achieve in 2 years, 5 years or perhaps 7 years time?....What do you really want?....What do I really want?....What do BOTH of us want?...Do you know me like the back of your hand?....Am I in your EVERY decision making?...
Are we happy?.....Hmmm....

May 02, 2009

I'm moving...

Yes I'm moving...not far, just next block :D

And I never enjoy the process of moving...especially if it involves carrying heavy stuff, wardrobe, study table...etc. But its something I gotta do and its done..thank God.

So now my current room is kinda bare but ada juga sekelompok mess in one corner.

So bare...


So malas. When is this going to finish? Toiletries, pinggan mangkuk, shoes and shoe rack semua belum urus lagi...aiyo~!~!~ luuucckily its a long weekend, I can take my sweet time.


March 29, 2009

CUS Nite 09: *!Masquerade!*

Naza Hotel, Tanjung Bungah

I was walking around Sg.2 shop lots on Friday after work when bumped into Sara. We said Hi's! and Hello's!.....and "Do you want to go to CUS nite?" she asked.
I was looking forward to do something fun for the weekend ( I already have plans...) and this invitation actually adds to the list. And I couldn't resist when she said that my ticket will be half price (filling in for Maria who pulled out as she was not well)! And the theme definitely sounds unique + interesting :) Without me asking, Sara said that she has an extra mask so I can borrow (yAY! no need to buy!)..spells L.U.C.K.Y to me!
I headed home and was thinking of what to wear..its been quite some time since I dressed up + make up for occasion like this...I can't help being excited, even though I'll be the super senior ex-CUS member and might not know all of the people who are coming.
Anyway, as I got down from my car, I remembered that it should be time for my Whimsey green BOHO-like skirt to arrive. So I quickly walk up to my mailbox and open it and....tadaaaa~!~!~!~ SUDAH SAMPAI BAH!!!!!!!!!!! This just gets better cos I can wear this skirt as it is and pair it with a blouse, OR I can wear it as a tube dress. So this delivery came just in time! Everything just fall into place nicely :) *Kotohuadan to Jade-Stlye!*

So Saturday came, and let's have the pictures do the talking, shall we? :)

Put my lipstick on..

So I decided to wear it as a dress..

Ready to Go!

Suzanne and Amy are coming with me, so I drove to Desa-U to fetch them. I was a bit worried as dark clouds are closing in on the blue sky. But being a typical girlie girl...dorang belum siap bermekap ;p So i waited...

Cam whore a bit..tehee~

Take pictures of my surroundings..

After they got in the car, jalan we go! After menempuhi hujan lebat yang gila gila lebat, plus ter'overshoot' U-turn to Naza, we finally reached Naza in 1 piece and found a comfortable parking space without ticket (cos sia park depan rumah urang...hehehehe). With tummy durmming away, we waste no time and rush into the Hotel and go to Level 1 where there dinner is held...

I took lots of pictures of our food and some of the perfomances, but it was kinda crappy (especially the perfomaces) due to the poor lighting, and besides I wasn't using a very canggih camera. Haha~ Oh and I forgot to mention that I didn't get to wear mask, cos Sara forgot to bring, no big deal also lah cos among my main reason to join this dinner is to makan, see perfomances and jumpa my junior2s :)

Amy came up with the brilliant idea of 'pinjam orang punya mask and then ambil gambar lah...' Hehe. So we go and pinjam...erm, not really "pinjam" lah cos we waited until our next table neighbour empty and we tip-toed to their table and "pinjam" their mask and siok sendiri snapping away..hehe! ;p

I didn't took much pictures with others during the dinner...maybe because it's my time bah, mine was two years back...and we snapped away like crazy back then, macam 3 camera pun inda cukup nih...apa tida kan, 2 yrs back the largest memory pun 512MB only right? But anyhow, here some pictures that I sempat take :)

And oh yeah, the dinner will not be complete without the LUCK DRAW event!!! I almost forgot ;) We will always have this slot every year. And I WON one! ;p

YAY! MaMeeee~!~!~